About Me

Hello! I’m Julia Jackson and welcome to my blog of travel tips, tricks, adventures, and good food!


I am a an avid traveler who loves to see the world and see what it has to offer. I have had a passport since the wee age of baby and I have been getting it renewed and stamped since!

My travel credentials include traveling all over Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, and North America. My goal is to visit all 196 countries one day. 

I am from Philly and I currently live here living my best life! I went to Penn State University and graduated from there with my bachelors in political science in 2015, and my masters in Public Administration in 2017. 

I am not your typical 24-year old "millennial" travel blogger. I do not have the luxury of just quitting at the moment to travel and for the time being, I don't really have a desire to! Why, you might be asking yourself? I actually LOVE what I do for a living! I work in Human Resources for the City of Philadelphia, and I work with amazing people and do amazing work.

Aside from galavanting all over the world, I love:

All things horror and scary (major horror movie buff)

Pirates of the Caribbean (I have seen every single movie at least 10 times)

Lore Podcasts (If you haven't ever listened to Aaron Mahnke tell you scary true stories you haven't lived your life. He has new podcasts every other Monday, and I promise you he won't disappoint!)

My passion for travel is contagious and I love sharing the destinations I've visited. I hope that these blog posts inspire you to take a few days away from life to sit and enjoy the world, and possibly almost miss a train or two!

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xo JJ